We’ve had our 1964 Bonanza pinball table completely refurbished. It’s been suffering from its age for a little while now – the scores have been highly inaccurate and quite a few of the lights had failed. We get so many comments from holidaymakers about how much they enjoy it, that I thought it was high time to show it some love.

After enormous effort to get it out of the basement (it weighs a ton and yet is also extremely delicate) I took it to a specialist who has stripped it down completely and made sure everything works as it should. It’s had new bulbs, replacement electrical components and a huge amount of TLC. Paul, who painstakingly brought it back to its former glory, was wonderfully meticulous and diligent in his approach and now it’s all ready for me to bring back to the basement for families to enjoy again. Just as soon as the builders have finished in the basement that is! But that’s another story‚Ķ